Path beyond Fear

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Fear’? Freddy Krueger? Vampires? Spiders? Your best friends? Your religious leader? How about politicians?

Most people accept fear as a way of life. They figure we were born into fear and thus, in fear, we must remain. Some think we are supposed to be afraid. That if we are not afraid, that we will get hurt. Think on that for a moment. They think that if they dare to not be afraid, that something will hurt them.

Who placed that thought? Most likely their parents. Not in any mean way – their parents likely didn’t know any better. They thought they were protecting their child. Instead, they started them off on a lifetime filled with fear. “Don’t touch that! It will hurt you.” “Don’t do that. It will harm you.” And then their teachers and religious leaders just add on to the pile of fear. Add in the bullies and by the time a child is three or four, they are based in a belief system that “life=fear”.

By the time a child is eight, that fear is…

You or who you used to be

If you’re on a path of enlightenment… or even just on a path different to what you’re used to, there may come a time when you react to something and wonder why you’re reacting that way.

There’s a part of you that says “Yes! This is what we should be doing. It’s in our cells, in our bones, in our very being to react this way.”

However, there’s another part of you that’s thinking ‘This doesn’t feel right.”

I have gone through this in many instances and I can tell you that once you recognize what part is you and what part is the past you, you may find you laugh a lot.

For instance, when I was first beginning my journey, I went from being a very negative person to being a positive one. Six months later, I was in the midst of a move. It kept getting put off… and then put off some more… and then some more…

My reactions were confused. I was a happy individual (though nowhere near like I am today), but I felt I should get pissed, that I should rail at the world, that I should have a pity part…

Being fearless

Have you ever considered what it is like to live a fearless life?

You may already be on the journey or you may be wondering how anyone can be fearless. I've been there. I spent decades being afraid. Decades. (Almost half a century.) I have finally reached a stage where Love conquers fear and am at a point where I can feel and see the differences. That does not mean I am always fearless -far from it. But I can recognize more when I'm reacting from fear and how to overcome it.

For years, I've gone on and on about the fact the world needs to stop fearing everything. I had no idea it would become such a central point in my own life.

I grew up afraid of my own shadow, afraid of everything. For years, I spent my life hiding in the shadows hoping nobody noticed me. I'm thrilled (and I'll admit, a little nervous) to come out of the shadows and say "I've been there and I want to help you get to where I am and perhaps beyond!"

If you would ask me to describ…

Fly, Bumble Bee, Fly

Be a Bumble Bee You might be wondering what a Bumble Bee has to do with becoming your most Authentic Self and reaching levels of enlightenment. So let me tell you a bit about our dear friend, the Bumble Bee.

Bumble Bee has a few strikes against him as far as science is concerned. He’s too round – they’d probably suggest he exercise more to lose some fat; and his wings are too small and feeble to hold his body weight, let alone fly.

And yet he does. Is it a miracle? Perhaps. Bumble Bee has never been told “You can’t do this and why…” He’s never been made fun of by the other Bumbles and told there’s no way he would amount to anything with those feeble looking wings and ultra-round body. He’s never been told that flying is dangerous and he should only do it when under the supervision of other bees with more aerodynamic bodies. He’s never been told that to fly, his wings have to be a certain length, width, and that his body has to be long and lean.

So Bumble Bee spreads his wings and fli…

Greetings & Welcome


Welcome to my newest blog: Thia ~ She Wolf. In time, I will explain the She Wolf part, but for now, my name is Thia and I welcome you to a wonderful journey.

I started on my 1st life-changing journey in 1998. I started my 2nd journey in 2008. It was in starting my 3rd journey in September 2013, where my life truly began to take shape. I've chronicled my last two journies on my This Thought Counts blog.

I could have continued there, but I have reached a new level of enlightenment. As such, I knew it deserved its own site. Whereas on This Thought Counts, I shared with you my ups and downs, successes and (perceived) failures, here I will be sharing posts on things I have learned from the universe. Some will help you, some won't. All a person can do is share what works for them. Your job is to take what you read, test it out if it sounds interesting, and see if it works for you.

On this blog, I'll be sharing my thoughts and experiences on Universal Language, Being Fearles…